Capital Markets

We advise governments, financial regulators and capital market infrastructures such as exchanges or central securities depositories so as to make financial markets more conductive in channelling capital to the real economy in an effective, transparent and regulated manner.

We audit capital markets so as to assess their effectiveness and identify barrier to development. We design capital markets development strategies, organisational transformation plans, and reforms of the legal and regulatory framework. We accompany our clients in the implementation of their strategies, plans and reforms.

Our practice area covers the full spectrum of financial instruments, from equity and debt instruments to structured products as well as derivatives and commodities. We cover all trading venues, either regulated or organised, as well as private equity markets. We understand how the financial industry is structured and we know how market professionals operate. We are well aware of the impact of technological innovation on financial markets. Our job is to identify major weaknesses, bottlenecks or shortcomings and to design solutions that are tailored to the needs of each jurisdiction or region where we intervene.

Our experts offer a cross-functional approach to development challenges and change management in financial markets, based on experience, best practices and international standards. Our philosophy is based on an holistic approach of development challenges. We make the connections between capital markets and other components of the financial sector, policy constraints of governments and challenges faced by the private sector, taking into consideration all stakeholders.