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Giulio de Tommaso was invited by the Africa Development Bank (ADB) to lead a training workshop in Tunis, September, 2017, focusing on a risk-based approach to addressing fragility and building resilience. Specifically, the purpose of the training was to equip government officials with competence-based skills for effectively assessing fragility and resilience-building, undertaking political economy analysis and skills for integrating fragility- sensitive approaches into development programming and into energy and agriculture sector operations financed by ADB in Africa’s transition states.

What are states in situation of fragility? These are countries going through period of societal stress often characterized by social, economic inequality, unemployment and lack of job prospects, uneven economic development, uncontrolled demographic growth, and poor natural resource management. A country’s social fiber is often undermined by such phenomena making it prone to internal conflict which weakens its prospects for development.

Consilium Group Advisors has performed multiple assignments in post-conflict and fragile states, analyzing fragility and its repercussions on a country’s development. Over the past several years, CGA has advised clients, both public and private, on developing strategies to mitigate the effects of fragility and develop resilience.