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Consilium Group Advisors, along with its strategic partners’ ECG and ETG, is assisting Cluster Lima Tech carry out reforms. Located in Lima, Peru, Cluster Lima Tech is composed of small and medium-sized software and IT companies, involved in the provision of technical assistance, outsourcing of services, and development, distribution and commercialization of software. The aim of our support is to enhance cooperation among firms within the cluster and to create a positive business climate which allows each member to improve its performance, competitiveness, job creation and profits.

Our team is helping the cluster to improve all aspects of its operation. It will assist management improve the cluster’s governance, assist the cluster to develop strategic initiatives that will promote growth. Specifically, our team has developed a competitiveness assessment and strategic analysis of the cluster and benchmarked it to international best practice. It subsequently outlined the cluster’s initial strategy roadmaps with environment-specific actions. Working together with Cluster Lima Tech management, we delivered a more detailed cluster mapping, analyzed the value chain, and recommended new strategic directions for the cluster.

The CGA/ECG/ETG team worked closely with our client. A dedicated team worked hand in-hand with Cluster Lima Tech management over a period of over four months. We conducted multiple meeting and presentations with the cluster stakeholders, and jointly with them, developed action plan and initiatives which will increase the cluster dynamism and competitiveness.

“This is a major achievement”, said CGA Hamid Alavi, Practice Leader for Private Sector Development and Access to Finance, “CGA and its partners excel in bringing stakeholders together in creative ways and turn the momentum of ideas into focused action. A more dynamic Cluster Lima Tech stands to become a motor for innovation for the Lima Region and  Peru as a whole.”